Sigma Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:SGLB) Advances on 200% Revenue Increase

by RJohnson | Last Updated: March 16, 2016

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Sigma Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:SGLB) investors have reason to be excited with the announcement of record revenues, potential up-listing to NASDAQ, and agreements and partnerships. Share price almost double since hitting a new 52-week low towards the end of February. The stock has surged in advance of its earning release and done so on heavy volume. Yesterday, over 2 million shares exchanged hands and today is already exceeding those levels with plenty of time till markets close.

SGLB is ready for a breakout year after being stuck in a downtrend over the last three years. The company just announced huge milestones and developments that should increase awareness and investor interest. SGLB recently announced that it hit record revenues for the fourth quarter ending December 31st. It posted revenues of $0.6 million for the quarter and $1.2 million for the full year. For the fourth quarter, revenues approximately increased 200% from $0.2 million to $0.6 million for the fourth quarter (same period year-over-year comparison). For full year comparison, SGLB increased revenues by more than 100% from $0.5 million to $1.2 million.

Sales increase was led by its PrintRite3D systems in addition to software licenses. SGLB has announced that it received orders from Aerojet for PrintRite3D. SGLB also recently announced a development agreement with 3DSIM for metal AM. According to the CEO of 3DSIM, “Bringing 3DSIM’s modeling capabilities together with Sigma Labs’ IPQA® technology will help overcome the single biggest hurdle to wide-scale adoption of additive manufacturing.”

On even more milestones, a German AM manufactured began an evaluation period for PrintRite3D. This is to help speed up the process for considering adding SGLB quality assurance and process control technology to its offering. SGLB also extended its business development programs which helps incentivize potential customers to install and valuate its flagship product.

Last on the list is the SGLB’s plan to up-list to a more senior national exchange which will likely be the NASDAQ. In order to do so, the share price must be over a specific requirement so the company announced that it would implement a reverse stock split of 1 to 100, meaning that for every 100 shares it will be replaced by just 1 at a high share price. The market cap will remain the same but the number of shares reduced and stock price increased by 100.

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Sigma Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:SGLB)

SGLB is currently trading at a $42 million market valuation. SGLB has been advancing steadily ahead of its earnings release. The company is making strides ahead and continues to see strong revenue growth. This is a small, microcap company that is in the beginning stages of huge growth. Up-listing to a senior exchange will provide increased investor awareness and better financing terms to fund growth.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in SGLB either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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