What We Do:
MicroCap Spotlight is an equity news and research organization focusing on micro and small cap companies. We pride ourselves on producing and distributing high-quality, unbiased news and research to a broad audience through various distribution networks and channels.

We strive to deliver in-depth analysis on the latest news, earnings, product announcements, milestones, capital issuances, and mergers and acquisition in the style that retail investors need to make better decisions. Our team of experienced contributors, authors, and writers are focused on bringing to light financial and equity market stories that are most important to our readers.

The combination of our experience, relationships with our companies, vast network of industry contacts, and our proprietary news and financial analysis makes MicroCap Spotlight one of the most respected independent small cap equity news organizations in the industry.

Our Mission:
You’ve done the research to get you this far — let us help take your investment portfolio to the next level by providing you with the breaking stock news and analysis needed to make wiser financial decisions. We have a deep focus on small and micro cap companies yet also provide ample coverage on mainstream stocks.

Our Promise:
We promise to provide coverage on the most relevant stocks while at the same time bring focused information on small and micro cap companies.

Our Open Door Policy:
Our staff take their jobs seriously. If you feel that you’re not receiving the most relevant financial information, please let us know. Contact us at  with your questions, concerns, feedback and more. Happy Research!

Take a look at our team and staff who delivers the latest news and analysis. 

Adam Jones professional in understanding financial markets and under coving in-depth analysis and research on companies. The bigger the story, the better.  Over a decade of experience in mergers and acquisitions. He loves financial markets and finding out the undercover, in-depth analysis and research on companies. He graduated from University of Oregon with a degree in business with an emphasis in finance. The bigger the story, the better. Besides finance, he enjoys quadding and hunting on the weekends. Contact

Amy Smith is a prolific financial writer. She also contributes to high-profile publications in all areas at MicroCap. The more detail the better. Enjoys writing about the story behind the scenes. Has identified several turnaround companies and also high risk stocks that are pump and dump schemes. Recently graduated from University of Oregon with a master in journalism. Contact

David Lee is a veteran in the industry. He has an MBA and well regarded in many circles. He has held positions in several Fortune 500 companies including Nike and Intel. He is now taking the lead on several of our most intriguing pieces. Contact

Frank Jones spent several years in Wall Street before moving on to a consulting group where he helped technology companies define their overall strategies. From there, Jones spent most of the rest of his career in the financial industry leading teams who analzye and research financial markets, and stocks. He has decades of experience researching and analyzing small cap, micro cap, and penny stock companies. Thoroughly enjoys finding undiscovered, diamonds in the rough. He is the COO and brainchild behind our operations. Our readers like his research, analysis and ability to spot detail missed by most. Contact

Michael Brown covers several categories including but not limited to insider, up-listing, and trending news. Brown as an expert at identifying and analyzing SEC statements to uncover the details and what is really going on behind the scenes. He worked as investment banker putting together valuation metrics for clients. Covering insiders and trending news. Brown as an expert at identifying and analyzing SEC statements to uncover the details and what is really going on behind the scenes. Pump and dumps are his expertise. In addition, he was a public accountant for a number of years. Contact

Robert Johnson enjoys the technical analysis behind stocks. He delivers sound, rational arguments for companies moves in share price and combines it with the greater story and rational of recent developments and newsworthy statements. Spent over five years at an investment bank firm analyzing trends. Contact

Steve Moore is focusing on the next generation, big themes that will potentially have huge impact sometime in the future. This is Moore’s bread and butter. He worked in communications group for a stint and than shaping corporate strategy based of market trends. After that he dedicated himself to market research and trends.  Contact

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