Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CTDT) Heats Up

by David Lee | Last Updated: March 2, 2016

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Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CTDT) has seen a recent surge in price and volume out of penny land quickly transforming into one of the top traded stocks on the entire exchange. There are plenty of reasons to get excited about CTDT here. First, it has exploded from $0.02 in late July 2015 to record multi-year highs of $0.34 representing a gain of over 1,600%!! Next, CTDT has been accelerating their PR over the last few months.

This is exciting its shareholder base and adding significant liquidity and renew shareholders’ interests. Have you heard of a company that GROWS diamonds?? It’s like money growing on trees has turned into almost a reality. CTDT is in the business of growing diamonds — laboratory grown diamonds — This man-made or “cultured” diamond material can be sold for a fraction of the price of natural diamond in many many industries, from cutting tools, film and coating, to semiconductor and other electronics manufacturing.

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In addition, through research and analysis we discovered that the current market for industrial diamonds in the U.S. is estimated to be about $80 billion. Current supplies are limited because of the lack of production (producers) and the limitations in production technologies. Market research has shown that over the last 9 years that there is an emerging market for “cultured/synthetic” diamonds. There is an increasing demand and considerable upside based on quality and affordability for the Industrial Diamond Markets. Given that CTDT market cap trades at only $37M…leaving huge upside for Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CTDT).

Through research and analysis, we have discovered that Alvin A. Snapper, the Chief Science Officer has an actual patent for “A process for converting carbonaceous material into diamond utilizing the compressive force derived from an abruptly collapsing magnetic field.”

Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CTDT)

According to online resources, Chaslav Radovich, a Board Director and President of CTDT, has a significant advantage with their Magnatech process. It is significantly less costly and time consuming used by competitors to create synthetic diamonds which is a game changer in this industry. CTDT’s process is significantly advanced due to magnetic field technology developed by the Company’s Chairman and Chief Science Officer, Alvin A. Snaper, P.E. This could lead to several new customers switching from the competition leading to topline and bottom-line growth. If this weren’t the case, why would the stock be up over 1,600%?!?

Through other sources have seen that CTDT has engaged with a prestigious investment banking firm, NMS Capital Advisors, LLC. This firm is led by Mr. Trevor M. Saliba and has advised on and completed over $60B in mergers, acquisitions, and capital market transactions. Could CTDT potentially be acquired? It can be nothing but good news for CTDT shareholders and its stock price. This could be a significant catalyst for CTDT and validates the value of the Centaurus Diamond Technologies business.

Executive Vice President of Operations for Centaurus Diamond Technologies, Inc. (CTDT) and discuses the process going into manufactured diamonds.

Just recently, CTDT upgraded the design of tooling and equipment for Magnetic Pulse. It is in the final phase of its proprietary process. The company continues to invest in cutting edge research and people. It announced that Dr. A. Levitsky will be joining the RnD team. This is a huge addition to the team and validates that CTDT is serious. Dr. Levitsky has over 20 years of experience in technology development, experimental and theoretical study of physical/chemical properties of organic and composite materials. He did his postdoctoral at MIT. This shows that the company has a future. Smart people like Dr. Levitsky don’t just join random companies without believing in the company.

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Other resources have shown that CTDT has been established to fully commercialize its proprietary, cost-efficient and high-volume diamond production method to provide industrial quality diamonds. CTDT’s patented technology enables the production of “cultured” diamonds that are chemically, atomically and structurally identical to natural diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America has tested CTDT’s “cultured” diamonds and has confirmed they are diamonds according to their testing protocols.

Centaurus Diamond Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:CTDT)

After extensive research and development, CTDT has developed this proprietary technology, which crystallizes carbon into diamond under a combination of extreme pressures and heat and will allow CTDT to manufacture industrial diamonds that can be sold to consumers at a fraction of the cost of a natural diamond. Centaurus Technologies’ market strategy targets initially diamond wholesalers as its primary customer bases, especially those who manufacture the “rough” crystals into polished brilliant cut gem-quality diamonds. Although CTDT’s primary customers are wholesalers, a high-quality “branded” product sold to the end consumer will distinguish the reputation of Centaurus Technologies from its competitors.

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Currently trading at a $38 million market valuation CTDT has minimal assets, no revenues and very little in payables. This could lead to dilution and the Company may need to issue stock to fund continued research. The Company has made a significant strategic shift to developing this technology and process to disrupt the industry. It is an exciting story that could be a catalyst for huge gains.
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Disclosure: we hold no position in CTDT either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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