Equity in Focus Blue Line Protection Group Inc (OTCBB:BLPG)

by Amy Smith | Last Updated: March 12, 2016

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Blue Line Protection Group Inc (OTCBB:BLPG) ends the day with huge gains of 48.15% on 3 times average volume of 428,000 shares trading. It is not too surprising to see why investors are excited about BLPG and the recent 300%+ run up in stock price from $.01 level to its current price of $0.04.

As many are aware that the legalization of marijuana (medical in some states, medical and recreational use in others) has led to a boom and created a new industry. The legal marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and everyone is scrambling to take advantage of the massive growth that is poised to come over the coming few years. However, there is one slight problem with cannabis at the moment and that is that it is still a federal crime and financial institutes are unwilling to have deposits from any marijuana related business.

This has created a huge problem for medical marijuana and marijuana dispensaries where states of legalized the use. They have become a target for robbery and theft as it is a cash heavy business since majority cannot accept credit cards due to it being tied to a financial institution. BLPG attempts to rectify this problem, at least provide a little plug for the gapping whole.

BLGP provides armed protection, financial solutions, logistics, and compliance services for businesses in the legal marijuana industry. Some of the service offerings include armored transportation, security service like shipment protection, money escorts, security monitoring, and dignitary protection. The financial solutions include banking, compliance, protection, training, and accounting and bookkeeping.

BLGP has over 87 employees and operates out of Colorado. It was formerly known as a different company name. 2014 was the first year the company had posted any revenues. BLGP is set to have a record revenue year, but still operating at a loss with negative EBITDA and earnings. Financially, the company is not as bad off as many penny stock companies but it still has very little cash and over $1.5M in liabilities. The shareholder equity value has been declining every quarter and is very close to zero.

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Blue Line Protection Group Inc (OTCBB:BLPG)

BLGP is currently trading at a $6.19 million market valuation. This is an exciting microcap story that is operating in a growing and dynamic industry. While financial performance is poor, the company has been posting record revenues which is a good start to turning this company around. Stay tuned as we will be providing updates on the company.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in BLGP either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.

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