Bourque Industries Stock:(OTCMKTS: BORK) Why is it Hitting 52-Week High

by Adam Jones | Last Updated: February 25, 2022

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Many investors are wondering why Bourque Industries (OTCMKTS: BORK) is climbing. Very little news has been reported from the company. The stock price continues its upward trend hitting a new 52-week high today of $0.0045. The stock gained an intra-day high 28%. So, we’re taking a closer look at the company. Thus, keep reading if you want to find out the drivers behind the stock price increase. 

Current price update is the shares are significantly off its 52-week high down to $0.012.

Who and What is Bourque Industries 

BORK Bourque Industries Business Logo

Bourque Industries, Inc. is an advanced material science company. It develops and creates metal alloys and related product applications. It uses a metal-alloying process known as Kryron. Bourque Industries holds a patent for this process. BORK sells body armor-terminator plates. The company was founded by John M. Bourque in 1978. It is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

BORK Subsidiaries

Bourque operates through 5 subsidiaries – Basalt Fiber Technologies, LLC, Kryron Global, LLC, Bourque Alloys LLC, Bourque Alloys Manufacturing, Inc., JBIT Inc. Although, these subsidiaries are difficult to track down. In fact there has been little activity since the 2013-2014 time period. 

Furthermore, the only subsidiary in operation (at least publicly and most recent) is Basalt Fiber Technologies, LLC. It has fairly active Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Basalt Fiber Tech supplies high quality basalt continuous fibers under Basfiber® brand name. Key benefits include chemical resistant, high temperatures, high mechanical properties, sound/electric insulation, recyclable resources, and low water absorption.

Unfortunately, the corporate website listed on the company’s LinkedIn Profile is not active. We consider this a Red Flag. A publicly traded company with an inoperable corporate website is a more risky investment. Although BORK has a LinkedIn Business page, it doesn’t seem active. 

BORK Leadership

John M. Bourque, the founder of the company and technology, is still at the helm according to his LinkedIn Profile. He is the inventor of Kryron Technology and is the Chief Science Officer & founder at Bourque Industries. It states he has been in this role for the last 6 years and 9 months. 

Bourque Industries (BORK) Founder

The CJ Condon is Bourque Industries’ CEO and Director for the last 6 years and 9 months. In prior roles, CJ Condon was executive vice president at JBIT and an international insurance professional for USAA. 

Bourque Industries (BORK) CEO and Director

LinkedIn shows a total of 10 employees. There may be more or less as the information may not be updated, but it is all that we can find publicly.   

Body Armor by Bourque Industries

Bourque Industries has been developing and advancing its Kyron body armor. Back in 2011, it showed major improvements in test results on its ability to deflect 0.50 caliber armor piercing bullets. Most armor plates are heavy; however, this light-weight armor plate designed for personal body armor.

John M. Bourque, the inventor of Kryron and founder of Bourque Industries, said:

All doubts about Kryron’s capabilities are laid to rest following the latest test results. It is clear that Kryron is the best ballistic armor material on the market, and the clear choice to protect America’s soldiers

The Kryron Terminator ballistic armor plate (hard armor plate) passes a multi-hit capability test. It is shot multiple times with .50 caliber rounds and .30 caliber rounds. There is no penetration, ricochet, shatter or spall. It also was able to sustain several dozen rounds of 9mm machine gun rounds at close range. Impressive feat for body armor. 

This is all well and good, but the body armor market is worth over $3-5 billion dollars and is highly competitive. It seems as though the company isn’t able to break into the market successfully, despite the success of these tests.  

Kryron Developed by Bourque Industries 

The Kryronization process creates CarbonNanotube Metal Matrix Composites (CNT-MMC) using standard alloys and base metals. The Kryronization process is a cost-effective process for the even spreading of carbon nanotubes in metal. The resulting CNT-MMC materials have enhanced qualities in terms of heat dissipation, electrical conductivity, hardness and resistance to corrosion. Kryron has the potential in redefining the materials used in industrial projects throughout the world. 

Bourque Industries Most Recent News

There is no recent news or press releases from Bourque Industries. In fact, there is no recent financial report filings with the SEC (not surprising given it trades on the OTC market). Furthermore, the only publicly available information is on its subsidiary Basalt Fiber Tech. Five months ago, it posted about “Basalt Fiber Tech New Innovative Sustainable Solutions for Road Rehabilitation.”

Bourque Industries Stock (BORK)

BORK stock has broken out of its multi-month base on strong volume (significantly above average). Although, it seems as though the trend is reversing. The stock’s 52-week low is $0.0003 (yupp sub-pennies) and its 52-week high is $0.0044. It is a penny stock rather than a micro-cap stock. The market cap qualifies it as a nano-cap stock versus a micro-cap stock. BORK is range bound. Over the last 2 years and has not been able to break-out above $0.005 level. We discovered Bourque Industries Stock through our breakout micro-cap stock screener

Is Bourque Industries Stock worth Buying?

Micro-cap Spot does not believe BORK is worth investing in the long-term. Bork is a speculative stock with no news, no financial reports, no corporate website, limited information, and lacking any catalyst. These are just a few reasons to avoid BORK.

However, BORK stock’s is in breakout mode from day traders. Given the current momentum and chart analysis, the stock may gain 100% from these levels. If the stock continues its momentum, it can easily climb from the current level $0.004 to $0.01 or $0.015 representing gains of 150% – 275% . The dollar value turn-over is very low at $2,000 worth of shares exchanging hands. If you take a large position, it may difficult to do so without influencing the price and even more difficult to sell your position. 

How to Invest in Bourque Industries 

If you decide to invest in Bourque Industries (BORK), we recommend using TD Ameritrade as it allows you to invest in penny stocks with very few fees. Unfortunately, our preferred broker, Robin Hood, does not allow investors to buy and sell shares on the OTC Market. 

What is Bourque Industries Ticker Symbol

Bourque Industries ticker symbol is BORK or OTCMKTS: BORK. You can search on Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch or other stock market websites. 

Final Thoughts

Bourque Industries (BORK) is a speculative stock. We teach investors on how to invest in micro-cap stocks safely and BORK does not meet the requirements. It is a speculative trade. Given the low share price and volume, it is not worth investing in as there are many other companies more viable then Bourque Industries at this time. This can change if BORK provides a meaningful update to us. 

We will be updating on BORK when more details emerge so make sure you are subscribed to Microcap Spot so you know what’s going on with BORK. 

Disclosure: we hold no position in BORK either long or short at the publication of this article and we have not been compensated for this article.

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