Millennium Healthcare Inc (OTCMKTS:MHCC) continues to advance on near all-time record volume on recent developments of a report issued by LJR Capital Management. The report issued a strong buy recommendation by an independent consulting firm.

MHCC is pro-actively seeking ways and putting together a comprehensive plan to up-list to a more visible exchange like the NASDAQ which should significantly enhance shareholder value. According to the source, MHCC plans to expand its market geographically in the South region which has been referred to as the Heart-Attack Belt.

The company has an innovate non-invasive products like UroVal and VasoScan. The products provide medical healthcare professionals with accurate and timely diagnostic information and more importantly new cash flow streams. MHCC has very recently announced and signed as a partnership agreement with a major specialty medical lab to provide comprehensive lab services to its physician network. MHCC has been growing and expanding its physical network to provide more product and service sell-through. If successful, this should boost the company’s revenue. This new role-out and service line of business should provide incremental revenue to its PnL in 2016.

MHCC has retained a new investor relations company, RedChip, to lead its awareness efforts as the company enters growth mode and will be having several developments and announcements in the coming months and quarters. There should be significant milestones reached within the next few months. RedChip is one of the fastest growing investor relation firms that is privately held in the US. This should boost awareness of the company, provide adequate capital if financing is needed, and broaden its shareholder base

MHCC share price has soared of 300% in the last few trading days on huge increase in volume. Its volume reached over 184 million shares trading hands and continues to be heavily traded. The daily average volume is only 10.11 million shares which is reflecting an increase in investor interest.

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Millennium Healthcare Inc (OTCMKTS:MHCC)

MHCC is currently trading at a $2 million market valuation. MHCC has surged over triple digital percent gains and on over 18 times average daily volume. Its volume hit an all-time record high for the trading day. This is an exciting story and is just the beginning. MHCC will likely continue to advance as it is taking steps to up-list, hired an investor relations firm, and continues to reach milestones and new developments.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in MHCC either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.