ID WATCHDOG INC COM NPV (OTCMKTS:IDWAF) has been getting a lot attention recently with its stock pricing surging to multi-year highs. This stock has been and is in breakout mode reaching levels not seen since August 2011…almost five years ago. (OTCMKTS:IDWAF) is up over 20% in the last five trading days and volume is significantly above average which could add support and strength to this steady uptrend.

IDWAF is a company that is operating in a growing market with cyber and personal security. Over 15 million Americans have their identities fraudulently stolen every years with losses exceeding $15 Billion. Every 2 seconds, an identity is being stolen. IDWAF gives you the insight needed to determine if you are a victim of identity theft. Typically victims only find out after the fact when applying for a loan, denied credit, denied employment, or other after the fact issues. IDWAF attempts to fulfill a market gap and gets in front of identity theft monitoring by actively monitoring your credit, high risk transactions, and a resolution center to help close issues that are discovered.

The most recent and prevalent scams are currently tax fraud where numerous refunds have been stolen from every day, honest people. Just this last May, 750,000 individuals were impacted by the IRS breach. IDWAF service guarantees that if you become a victim while under their service, they will resolve any fraud that occurs. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have had very few complains since opening in 2005.

Just recently, IDWAF announced that it had converted its Series C Preferred shares and exercise warrants which could have been weighing down on the share price. As warrants are exercised, it typically floods the market with more shares and depressed the price as supply outstrips demand of buyers. Once warrants have been exercised, the share price can move up more easily. With the issuance of Series C Pref. shares, the company issued about 20 million warrants that expired on Feb 16, 2016. Roughly 4 million warrants were exercised and the company received about $500k of cash proceeds from the exercised warrants.

In other recent news, the company has updated its fourth quarter 2015 guidance. It now anticipates revenue to increase by approximately 51% to 57% from the fourth quarter 2014. IDWAF expects operating income to be 7% to 9% of revenues and EBITDA to be 8% – 10% of revenues. January 2016 was a record setting for customer enrollments in the Company’s Employee Benefits Channel.

IDWAF is expecting a decline in gross margin and an increase is cost of service due the investment in expanding its call services to increase customer service. It now boasts 24/7call centers to help improve and retain customers. This will likely help increase sales and retention in the long-run. IDWAF is in an industry that is growing and gaining traction. It could be another record setting year for IDWAF and its share price could reward investors and shareholders even more than it already has.

According the IDWAF’s profile, it was recognized by the Consumer Federation of America as one of the most valuable identity theft protection services available, ID Watchdog is a company consumers can trust to keep their identities safe and secure.

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IDWAF is currently trading at a $17 million market valuation. It has reported record setting customer enrollment for January and its share prices is appreciating rapidly. With the expiration of its outstanding warrants related to its Preferred C Shares, the company is ready to fire on all cylinders. This is a micro-cap company that we can expect exciting things from and an industry that is growing and dynamic.

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Disclosure: we hold no position in IDWAF either long or short and we have not been compensated for this article.